Today’s Top Control System Challenges for Frame 6 Gas Turbine Owners


(You Must Know These Things If You Work at a Frame 6 Power Plant!)

John Downing

CEO of TC&E - The REAL Experts

25 years + GE control systems experience

Reliability – Efficiency – Affordability – Longevity

The aspect of Frame 6 maintenance that is most often overlooked…

Why Frame 6 electrical components are higher failure risk than mechanical…

What Frame 6 systems are most at risk today…

How you can make sure your Frame 6 gas turbine control system is prepared for today's demands...


Frame 6 Instrumentation: increased reliability for your frame 6 turbine controls systems

Frame 6 Exciters, AVR, Reliability and NERC concerns

Maintaining your existing Frame 6 Exciter vs. upgrading to BASLER

How to prolong Frame 6 controls upgrades

Reliability practices and best in class maintenance techniques for maximizing Frame 6 control system longevity

John Downing is a power generation thought leader with over 30 years of experience in the design, manufacture, operation, troubleshooting and repair of complex power generation control systems. As the CEO and Principal Director of multiple power generation companies, John has been involved in projects and services at hundreds of power plants on 5 continents. 

As a Veteran of the US Navy and Volunteer Fire Dept, John has always worked to ensure the American people are safe and secure. Today that mission extends o complete power grid reliability and security. 

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